Slummin it WeeKEndZ

Forgot what it fellsz like to drank mad dogh 20 20 and vomit your guts out?

Does you life SucK??

IS you R WiFFE Not puttiN out?

Book Your own Custome SLummIN IT WEkkedns TODAY!   Comes and hangs with the baratwurstbeaties at the shed BAratwursts castle  .  HAve you ever wanted to livew like a bum and bang soum pased out  bitchesz at a shed???Dis Cuud BEEZ You DOg let Cut sda Shiut!  Thids be an experiance you never fo get!

Slummin it weekend includes:

2 dayz 2 nitez at the shittiest shed  in MERICA! ” The bratwurst caslte”

12 pack of 211

2 days in a 10×10 shed with no AC

The bratwurst beautiez all to yourself  all 20 fake barbies!

git bitten by a snake

git bitten by a gatoR

Go to the hospital for too many misquitoo biteZ

Mold Inhillation

Fee admission to a shit bar with FREE AKARAKOA!