The Bratwurst Castle

The Bratwurst Castle home of Checkbook Stripper AKA “The WildesT Shed in MerICA!

Currently located in an abandonded lot behind Winn Dixie.  I have a lot of bumbs that hang out here for free and take all my damn mad dog 20 20 and beer I stole from the trash can..  We do whatever the fuck we wanna do!  We have the Bratwurst Bueaties, some hot homeless bitches with bad breath and teeth but hey sure put out!  I have had over 15 ppl in my shed, the cops visit often and kik me off the property but we just keep comin back.  The bratwurst castle is like a shitty version of the sausage castle.  If you like partying with bumbs, hookers, and homeless chics  -this is the place to be free where no one will judge your disgusting looks or lack of willpower to get a job!  MEriCa!